Bangladesh Education Journal (BEJ) publishes scholarly research articles related to education, review of books, short case studies on innovative educational approaches. Each year the Journal publishes two issues in June and December.Manuscript should be typewritten in TIMES NEW ROMAN font and double spaced with wide margin on a good quality paper and should not exceed 6,000 words. The preparation of the manuscript should conform to the style and instructions given below:

On the first page only the title of the paper and the name(s) of the author(s) with designation, contact address including e-mail address should be typed. On the second page the little of the paper and abstract should be presented.

Title should be brief and specific. The title should be on page number 1 and not exceed 10 words (50 letters), e ach manuscript should have an abstract containing substance of the paper and should not exceed 150 words. The text/body of the manuscript generally should include (a) Introduction, (b) Methodology, (c) Findings/results, (d) Discussion (e) Recommendation and/or Conclusion. The findings and discussion may be combined.

Illustrations: Tables and illustrations should be given inside the manuscript where appropriate.

Authors are required to get permission if they want to reproduce any figure, table, or extract from the text of another source.

References : The whole manuscript must strictly follow the APA (5 th ) referencing style. Reference at the end of the text should be arranged alphabetically. Some examples of the APA (5 th ) referencing styles are provided below:


  • Cohen, L., Manion, L., & Morrison, K. (2007). Research methods in education (6th Ed.) . London : Routledge.
  • Creswell, J. W. (2008). Educational research: Planning conducting and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research . NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.


  • Ahsan, M. T. (2006). Inclusive education acts and policies in some selected countries including Bangladesh . Bangladesh Education Journal, 5 (1), 53-68.

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The author(s), while submitting the manuscript, is to sign a declaration certifying that the work was carried out by him/ them and the contents of the paper were not published before or not in review in any other journals.

Each manuscript in duplicate copy along with a soft copy should be submitted to the Editor, Bangladesh Education Journal (BEJ), BAFED, 278/3 (3rd Floor), Elephant Road , Kataban, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh . E-mail to:

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