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Bangladesh Education Journal
Dr. Abu Hmnid Latif, Editor
Dr. Manzoor Ahmed, Advisory Editor

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Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2018
1.Notes from the Editor
2.Early grade reading skills: endline assessment of read interventions in Khagrachari, Chittgong Hill Tracts
3.Why is South Asia Poor? The role of primary education
4.Teacher's beliefs and understanding about biotechnology and the effect on biotechnology education in Sri Lanka

Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2016
1.Notes from the Editor.
2.Baseline Assessment of Early Grade Reading Skill: Khagrachari, CHT, Bangladesh
3.Volunteer Tutoring for Struggling Readers of English at the Early Level in Bangladesh: An Action Research
4.Some Challenges in Indian Basic Education: Need for a New Look
5.Education Quality – Chasing the Elusive Goal

Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2016
1.Notes from the Editor.
2.SDG4/Education 2030 and 7th Five-Year Plan of Bangladesh: Aligning National and Global Objectives Strategies and Indicators
3.Nature of Schooling: Construction of Gendered Identities in a Secondary School.
4.Rural Mothers' Perceptions of Play in Children's Learning and Development in Bangladesh
5.Challenges of Quality Education at Secondary Level- A Commentary
6.Certifying Informally Developed Skills through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2015
1.Notes from the Editor.
2.State of School Finance in Bangladesh.
3.Entrepreneurship Education in TVET for Small and Medium Enterprise Development: A Case Study in Bangladesh.
4.Accessibility of Government Primary Schools for Children with Disabilities -- An Assessment and Policy Needs.
5.Early Years Teacher Insights about Creativity

Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2015
1.Notes from the Editor
2.National Curriculum 2012 :: Moving Towards the 21th Century
3.An Evaluation of the Curriculum of Electronics Trade Courses in Bangladesh
4.Community Learning Centres in Bangladesh: Lessons learnt and avenues for future action
5.Handling Errors of Bangladeshi Learners in Pronouncing English Vowels and Consonants at the Primary Level

Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2014
1.Notes from the Editor
2.Supporting Young Children's Emotional Well-being in Classroom: Teachers' Belief and Attitude Mitul Dutta, Syeda Fareha S. Islam, Syeda Rezwana Akhter, Sk. Tanvir Ahmed, Md. Murtaz Hossain, Abdullah Al Sowad, Ruqsana Parvin & Mainus Sultan
3.Low-Cost School with Quality: Can BRACs Nabodhara Pilot Set a Trend? Syeda Fareha S. Islam
4.Use of Digital Games in Secondary Science Education: A New Era Hasnat Jahan Farah Deeba
5.Tagores Santiniketan School A Retrospective View Ajit Mondal Jayanta Mete
6.Bangladesh EFA 2015 National Review: A Summary

Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2014
1.Notes from the Editor
2.Education and Skill Development of Santal Children and Youth in Bangladesh by Shahidullah Sharif
3.Special Schools in Rajshahi: Review of Study Content for Children with Intellectual Impairment by Rayhan ara Zaman Afroza Nazneen
4.Pre-service Teachers' Self-efficacy: Improving Teacher Effectiveness in Inclusive Classrooms by Mohammad Tariq Ahsan
5.Academic Growth and Integrity: How Do Institute of Higher Learning Academicians Understanding It? by Anu Bhawana Dr.Nanjunda

Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2013
1. Notes from the Editor
2. Impact of Family Patterns on Education and Gender in South-Asia: The Case for an Expanded Analytical Perspective
by Wolfgang Vollman
3. An Investigation on Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Child Development Package
by Ferdousi Khanom, Sakila Yesmin, Syeda Sazia Zaman, Nishat Fatima Rahman, Roxana Khanom, Md. Shahidullah Sharif, Mahmuda Akther and Manzoor Ahmed
4. Teachers’ Professional Preparation, Income, Job Satisfaction and Performance: An Exploratory Study
by Mamunur Rashid Sadia Ritu
5. Inside an English Language Classroom: The Communication Perspective
by Rasel Babu Shamnaz Arifin Mim

Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2013
1. Notes from the Editor
2. Looking Beyond EFA and MDG 2015
by Manzoor Ahmed
3. Environmental Education at the School Level in Bangladesh:Observations with Reference to the National Curriculum
by M.A. Taiyeb Chowdhury, Md. Iqbal Sarwar and Md. Muhibullah
4. Formative Assessment Of Distance Learners:Benefits And Challenges Of Feedback
by Dr. Kingsley Osamede Omorogiuwa
5. Maternal Depression and its Consequence for Young Child Development
by Nishat F. Rahman and Sakila Yesmin
6. Competencies Achieved by Students of an NGO-run Pre-school Program: The Case of SUROVI
by Syeda Aticun Nahar by Mausumi Razzak Roni

Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2012
1. Notes from the Editor
2. Paulo Freire and ‘Critical Literacy’: Relevancefor Bangladesh
by Sabina Yeasmin and Khan Ferdousour Rahman
3. Assessing Curriculum Competencies: Review of Bangla Test Questions in Primary Education Terminal Examination
by Janmajoy DeyMohammed Noor-E-Alam Siddiqee
4. Social Inclusion in the Secondary SchoolClassrooms in Bangladesh
by Md. Tariqul IslamFarhana Rashid
5. Progress Of Elementary Education In India by Dr. Poorva Jain
6. Integrating Teaching And Practice: Effective Teaching-learning In Social Work Education
by Tracy Beauty. E. OmorogiuwaHelen Ehi Ewek


Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2012
1. Notes from the Editor
2. Facilitating Self-Regulated LearningThrough Effective Feedback
By Kingsley Osamede Omorogiuwa
3. Technology Integration for Meaningful Learning - the constructivist View
By Md. Abu Raihan and Han, Seung Lock
4. Teachers Readiness for Computer Education Classesin the Secondary Schools of Bangladesh
By Selina Banu
5. Methods and Practices of English Language Teaching in Bangla and English Medium Schools
By Rozina Parvin and Md. Zulfeqar Haider


Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2011
1. Notes from the Editor
2. Teaching in inclusive classrooms: Changing heart, head, and hands
BY Dr. Umesh Sharma
3. Inclusive education in the National Education Act of Indonesia and its application in the primary school: Lessons for developing countries
BY Nasima Akter, Sodik A. Kuntoro
4. The Role of the Educational Counsellor in Meeting Special Education Needs (SEN) in Primary Schools of Prague, Czechoslovakia
BY Md. Ahsan Habib
5. Reflections on Activity Based Learning in Tamil Nadu, India
BY Janmajoy Dey, Mohammed Noor-E-Alam Siddiqee
6. Research in Early Childhood Development: Selected Abstracts


Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2011
1. Notes from the Editor
2. Beliefs of Pre-Service Teacher Education Institutional Heads About Inclusive Education in Bangladesh
BY M. Tariq Ahsan, Umesh Sharma, Joanne M.Deppeler
3. Teachers’ Struggles in Applying Inclusive Education Practices for Students with Disabilities at Secondary Schools in Bangladesh
BY Muhammed Mahbubur Rahaman, Dean Sutherland
4. Reaching the Marginalized Rural Poor: A Study of the Multi-purpose Community Learning 1 Center in Yunnan, China
BY Wen Zhang
5. Preservation of Traditional Indigenous Skills
BY Sultana Kaniz Fatema


Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2010
1. Notes from the Editor
2. Defining and Measuring Literacy – Implications for Policy and Programme
3. Promoting Adult Education Through Community Learning Centers(CLCs) in Nepal
4. Constructivist Learning Environment in Secondary Science Classrooms in Bangladesh
5. Notes on the “Digital Textbook” Mike Douse
6. Research Abstracts


Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2010
1. Access with Quality in Primary Education: Re-inventing Inter-Organizational Synergy
3. Child Labour and Education in Bangladesh


Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2009
1. Implementing the Education Policy - The Instrumental Role of the Sixth Plan
2. Professional Teachers for Sustainable Literacy: The South Asia Perspective?
3. Creative Questions: Validity and Reliability of Secondary School Certificate Examination
4. Video Interaction Guidance (VIG): A Tool for In-School Training to Promote Inclusive Education in Bangladesh
5. Report from CONFINTEA VI Facing the Truth about Literacy


Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2009
1. Literacy and Adult Education in Bangladesh : Concept, Trends, Status and the Future
2. Teachers as Literacy Facilitators or Literacy Facilitators as Teachers?
3. Technical and Vocational Teachers Training in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2008
1. Achieving Universal Primary Education in Bangladesh Towards A National Primary Education Development Programme 2010-15
2. Assessing "Communicative" Writing Skills: An Evaluation of the SSC English Examination

Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2008
1. English Teachers' Classroom Practices in Rural Secondary Schools: An Exploration of the Effect of BRAC Training
2. Beyond Rhetoric: A Recipe for Civil Society Action on Literacy
3. NGOs and Government Partnership in Non-Formal Education
4. Stakeholder Insights For Effective Higher Education Management
5. Education and Human Resource Development Six Conclusions Rreached from the Harvard Conference on Bangladesh

Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2007
1. Madrassa Education in Bangladesh : Genesis, Growth and Implications
2. The “Unitrack” Curriculum for Grades 9-10: Rationale and Development
3. Reforming University Education in Bangladesh : A Historical View
4. The Second Primary Education Development Programme ( PEDP II)
5. Education and Rural Poverty (Book Review)


Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2007
1. Playing with Mathematics: Evaluation of a Short Programme to Develop Skills of Bangladeshi Preschoolers
2. Health Education in Korea and Bangladesh
3. Khalilnagar Government Primary School (1905-2005): A Case Study
4. Quality Education in Selected Primary Schools of Bangladesh : Perceptions of Classroom Teachers
5. Academic and Non-academic performances of High and Low Achieving Students at Primary Level: A Comparative Study


Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2006
1. An Exploration of the Students' Assessment at the Beginning of Secondary Education
2. Developing a Quality Mathematics Education Culture in Bangladesh
3. Needs of Ethnic Minority Students for Learning Improvement in Secondary Schools
4. Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) for Skill Development of Unskilled Labor Force in Bangladesh


Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2006
1. Impact of Education on Socio-Economic Development of RuralPeople of Bangladesh
2. Internal Efficiency of Secondary Educational Institutions: Results from a Reconstructed Cohort Analysis
3. A Comparative Study of Mathematics Curriculum at Primary Level in Bangladesh and India ( West Bengal )
4. Inclusive Education Acts and Policies in Some Selected Countries Including Bangladesh : A Review


Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2005
1. Needs Assessment of Early Childhood Care and Education in Bangladesh
2. Effect of Disability on Parent Child Interaction and Child Rearing Practice in Bangladesh
3. Biases in the Current Assessment Practices at Secondary Level Education in Bangladesh


Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2005
1. Evaluation of Preschool Component of Early Childhood Care and Development Programs of Plan Bangladesh
2. Teaching English in the Primary School: Challenges and Options
3. Teaching English in Primary Schools: Pros and Cons
4. Evaluation of Pilot Preschool Programs of Plan Bangladesh
5. Development of Intelligent Primary Tutoring System (IPTS) for Bangladeshi Children  
6. Bangla Braille Embosser: A Tool For Bengali Speaking Visually Impaired People
7. In-house Teachers Training: Emerging Concept of Capacity Building


Bangladesh Education Journal, December 2004
1. An Assessment of BRAC Pre-Primary Graduates in Formal Primary Schools
2. A Three-Stage ICT Model for Implementation of Computer Aided Education in Bangladesh at Secondary Level
3. A Baseline Survey of Rural Secondary Schools: A Quest for Teaching-Learning Quality
4. Quest for Quality Primary Education: Where are the Entry Points?
5. Snippets of the Second Asia TEFL Conference in Seoul


Bangladesh Education Journal, June 2004
1. Intergenerational Mobility in Education: A Case of Rural Bangladesh
2. Assessing Quality of Primary Education in Bangladesh
3. Evaluation of Polytechnic Education Programme For Working out Technical Education Development Priorities
4. Successful School Management: Case Studies of Two Government Primary Schools
5. Educational Research Environment in Bangladesh
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